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The Kingdom Cipher Library is the most cutting edge men's video/audio information library out there.
This audio/video informational library is for men who are ready to build their Kingdoms and step into their legacy and best life.  This library is designed to give you the tools to build your confidence, choose the best women to be your Queen and life partner, and develop your masculine skills to prepare your for everything life and dating might throw at you. The concepts covered in the Kingdom Cipher Library are vast and deep and information you won't find anywhere else. Topics range from managing that one special woman in your life to managing multiple women, understanding why and how women choose you and what they're looking for. You'll also find information on red flags in dating that indicate you're going down the wrong path. 
Here are some of the lecture titles found in the Kingdom Cipher Library
You'll also find PDF documents with diagrams and information as well

Dominating Life Through Kingdom Building

Understanding the importance of having a Kingdom and how it can be used to dominate life. 

Mental Health Maintenance & Balance

A deep dive into why mental health awareness is important for us as men and what we can do to ensure proper maintenance of ourselves; especially, while we're in relationships and marriages.

Keys to Marriage Success

Knowing the keys to having a successful marriage and how to execute those keys in a practical way now!

Understanding the Nature of the Feminine

Getting clarity on what feminine energy is and how it moves differently from masculinity. This will allow us to decode many of the behaviors we see from the women in our lives. 

Navigating the Woman's Empowerment Landscape

Let's understand what steps to take as men to help us navigate dating and relationships in the world of woman's empowerment. We also discuss what "women's empowerment" is. 

The Importance of Having Skills in the Bed

Skills in the bedroom are a must. Let's discuss what some of those skills are and the best way to make the improvements that count.

Building Your Team

Those those of us who date multiple women, let's discuss the keys to building a cohesive team of women that support your mission as a man. Understand the pitfalls and potential red flags that could derail you when relating to multiple women. 

Who's the Dominant in the Relationship

Lets dispel many of the myths concerning who's the dominant versus who's the submissive in the relationship. Too often, we assume certain behaviors are dominant when they're really submissive. 

The Principle of Psychic Contraception

Men need to learn to manage their own seed when connecting with women. Learn some of the keys to taking your life into your hands and ensuring you avoid surprises and missteps. 

The Fundamentals of Masculinity

There are certain fundamental laws and behaviors that govern our development into masculinity that we must know as men. Lets cover the basics and build a solid foundation for the future. 

Alpha versus Beta Designations

There's a lot of talk about what it means to be an alpha male versus a beta male. This lecture discusses and clarifies these two designations and gives strategies for positive masculine development. 

The Foundations of Manhood

Clarifying what manhood is and how to develop those foundational elements is key to our growth as men. It's key to us maintaining an edge out in the world. 

Husband Fundamentals PART 1

Understanding the basics of being a solid husband will support you in choosing your wife to begin with. It will also give your marriage the best chance for success and ensure your legacy is built the way you desired it to be. 

The Religion of Commerce

Understand that everything is commerce. Relationships are commerce. Business is commerce. All exchange is commerce. Learn the keys to mastering commerce in your life to ensure you never get shortchanged in the life game. 

Fundamentals of Brotherhood

Our ability to connect with other men and build a strong brotherhood is critical for us to gain the kind of success we desire as men. Learning to work together and have men in your life that hold you accountable is critical for your masculine development. 

Holding Your Seed

Understand why it's important for you to keep your vital energy to yourself and not just give it away. These are skills and abilities that we all need as men and should learn to cultivate over time. 

The Fountain of Youth

Learn the keys to maintaining your vitality as a man. Keep your youth and energy at its maximum and ensure your relationships are feeding you instead of taking away.

Communication Mastery for Men

Learn the keys to effect, clear communication with the women you're relating to and ensure their are no misunderstandings or missteps in the relationship. 

The Nature of a Woman

Get clarity on what women are looking for and why they move the way they do in life and the dating world. Don't confuse what we hear in society with the truth. 

Keep Your Code, Grow Your Economy

Learn what it means to have a personal code that you life by and how to maintain that code inside of your relationships. Also learn how to leverage that code to grow your personal economy and worth in the world. 

Confronting Jealousy

It's important to know when we feel jealous of the women in our lives so we can avoid making choices that will put us in a tough position in our relationships. We need solid strategies to confront jealousy and step more firmly into our masculinity. 
Carl E. Stevens, Jr. is an author, metaphysician, and priest. He's operated groups for men for almost 20 years and done teaching around creating and managing your personal Kingdom as well as developing personal attributes and characteristics of a King. 

He's appeared on multiple television and radio shows and one of the first men to speak openly on the actual techniques to build your Kingdom in a holistic way that will provide a legacy for generations. 
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